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January 31, 2007

An Irreverant Look at Drinking

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The subtitle of this blog promises, among other things, an irreverent look at food. Here is a hilarious bit on drinking:


Sorry, Stanley

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Jameel over @ the Muqata takes note of the Jerusalem Post‘s shameless attempt to promote their Hebrew-language business magazine by taking a jab at the language aptitude of the Governor of the Bank of Israel, Stanley Fisher.

Anyone who has read the Jerusalem Post daily might want to reinterpret the ad: “Sorry, Stanley” is an apology to intelligent Anglo professionals living and working in Israel–Stanley Fisher being the most prominent among them–for the shabby journalism, lack of original content, and pathetic (if at all extant) copy-editing.

Tasting Beer

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Some basic tips, here.

Blasphemy Challenge

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‘Nuff said.

For recent media attention, see this Nightline piece, and the wonderful FoxNews polemic.

The Cult of Originality

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Please have a look at this fascinating review of Richard Posner‘s newest work: The Little Book of Plagiarism.
Posner essentially takes issue with the idea that a work “cannot be ‘creative’ unless it is ‘original.'” He draws on historical precedent for furthering his contention: Shakespeare, T.S. Eliot, MLK Jr., are known to have unabashedly plagiarized. He also notes that “Jonathan Swift and Laurence Sterne ‘denounced plagiarism in words plagiarized from earlier writers.'”

I’ll let you know if I ever get a chance to read the book.

On the Idolatry of Materialism

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You look:

Deep and profoundly disturbing. Now that I’ve figured out how to embed YouTube videos, we’re gonna spice things up here a little bit.

January 30, 2007

Good News; Bad News

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The good news is that 18 volunteers put themselves through the same dieting regimen as the producer of Super Size Me, though none of them experienced any the radical physical or psychological symptoms documented by Morgan Spurlock in the film.
The bad news is that bananas might go extinct in the next 10 years.


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One of Borat’s most notorious ejaculations, “WaWaWeeWa,” has invited potential legal action. Israeli actor Dov Glickman apparently decided to pursue legal action after seeing Sacha Baron-Cohen use the expression as he began his remarks accepting his Golden Globe award the other week. Glickman claims–and most Israelis who remember will confirm this–that he came up with the expression 16 years ago, and he considers it to be both his trademark, and apparently, intellectual property, as well.

The accusation and potential legal battle invite some interesting questions:
1. Can anyone sue to protect a line/word/phrase which they feel is their own? Can Arnold Schwarzenegger sue anyone who says “I’ll be back” or “Hasta la vista, baby”?
2. Supposing that the suit is brought to court, under whose jurisdiction is it tried? American, British, Israeli, The Hague?
3. Assuming that Glickman is victorious, what ramifications will the suit have for the entertainment industry? How will the court decide on an appropriate sum for compensation?

(via NRG)

Recent Plagiarism

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Microsoft’s much touted Vista operating system is widely considered a straight up rip-off of Apple’s OS X. See this entertaining and sardonic video by the New York Times‘s David Pogue, who illustrates why this is so. See also this review of Vista, in which the author concludes:

Get a Mac with OS X unless your home-computer needs are Windows-specific, or if the fine Media Center is a must for you. You likely won’t regret a Vista-PC purchase, but I’m betting you’ll enjoy a Mac much more.

January 29, 2007

Espresso Woes

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Getting breakfast this morning, just a simple espresso and pastry turned into a 1.5 hour long ordeal. Here’s a summary:
1. Cuppa’ Joe, 10:00 AM: This is the closest coffee joint to my place, and I figured that I’d get my caffeine fix there. The inattentive barrista made my coffee only after I reminded him that he forgot my order. In typical Israeli fashion (i.e., the customer is never right), he told me that I hadn’t paid and therefore he hadn’t made the coffee. I told him that it’s not my fault that he took my order without putting it in the computer and asking me for the six shekels. The coffee was weak, lukewarm, and the whole experience ruined my appetite for ordering one of their pastries.
2. Ne’eman Bakery, 10:30 AM: I figured that I would pop over to the Ne’eman Bakery in Talpiyot, one of which is conveniently located on the grounds of a gas station. After slogging my way through unreasonably heavy Monday morning traffic, and having a near accident on Emek Refaim (a Hebrew University professor was gesticulating that I move forward one inch so that she could squeeze through and make a left up Graetz) I reached the gas station, only to see that the bakery was closed for renovations.
3. Hadar Mall, 10:45 AM: This convenient little mall in Talpiyot has an Aroma and a Ne’man; the former now became relevant because the Cuppa’ Joe coffee was way too weak. Even at 10:45 on a Monday morning, there was not one parking spot to be found, and the Israeli smart alacks had even parking in all of the no-parking zones. I’ve only seen a scene like this on Fridays, never on a Monday morning.
4. Malcha Mall, 11:15 AM: It took about 30 minutes to traverse the distance between Talpiyot and Malcha. First I hit Ne’eman, and about 10 minutes after I had selected my pastry, I was able to convince the cashier that the lowly me was worthy of her attention. She took my money begrudgingly. A trek upstairs to Aroma, where the cashier didn’t understand why I would give her 21 NIS when the coffee cost only 6 NIS. I guess Israelis like having thousands of coins jingling in their pockets.

In America, my morning would have gone as follows:
Starbucks, 10:00 AM: I order my coffee. The cashier is attentive, greets me with hello, and asks for my money. If the coffee is weak/lukewarm, he/she apologizes profusely, makes me another coffee, and maybe even gives me a free pastry. I go on my merry way.

Lessons learned:
1. I chose to live here, it’s my fault.
2. Boycott Cuppa’ Joe.

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