Lonely Man of Cake

January 9, 2007

iPhone Conspiracy

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It’s official. Apple has released the much touted iPhone, and they have done so with their trademark flair. The specifications are enough to make any techie drool, and the sexiness factor outdoes even that of the black iPods.
There’s a problem, though. Apple doesn’t own the trademark to the term “iPhone.” In fact, like I mentioned in a previous post, Linksys released a product by the name iPhone just a few weeks ago, during the peak period of speculation about Apple releasing a phone by the same name. When the Linksys product was released, many began doubting the veracity of the rumors about Apple’s “iPhone”; this in turn created tremendous buzz.

My conspiracy theory of the day: Linksys was in on it with Apple. This had to have been the case anyway, being that Apple is touting their phone as the “iPhone” when Linksys has a product bearing the same name. There is no chance that Apple would get involved with such an obvious case of copyright infringement. Perhaps Apple went around looking for a company that would release a product called “iPhone” in the weeks leading up to today’s announcement in order to create even more fantastic rumors. I would imagine that the Linksys trademark on iPhone expired yesterday. Or, that negotiations are ongoing.

UPDATE: The folks at Microsoft have just announced that they are releasing a ZuneFon to compete with Apple’s iPhone!! Here’s a photo. Enjoy!


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