Lonely Man of Cake

January 27, 2007

Weekend Wine Roundup

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As a follow-up to the last post, here is a breakdown of the wines consumed at Friday night’s meal, though without the ability to write any tasting notes as I was drinking, I am precluded from going into specifics regarding each wine.
1. Segal’s Rehasim Cabernet, 2002: This was a delightful wine, with the requisite Cabernet spice, but the velvety smoothness of a very fine bottle. Far and away the best bottle of the night.
2. Castel Grand Vin, 2003: Courtesy of a bartender/sommelier friend of mine: One of the best wines I have ever tasted and one of the most highly regarded kosher Israeli wines in the world. Perhaps it didn’t open fully last night or maybe my palate was contaminated from the first course. It just tasted off.
3. Psagot Port: I still promise to dedicate a full post to the history and traditions surrounding the making and consumption of port. The wine was very rich and tasty, and the wacky traditions made dessert all the more entertaining. But none of those present at the meal (including myself) was able to appreciate what set this expensive bottle apart from traditional, sweet Kiddush wine.


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