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February 8, 2007

Army as Family

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The upper echelons of the military here like to emphasize that the IDF is a family-oriented army, what with weekly (or biweekly, or even daily) leave, families visiting their sons on the base over the weekend, and the notorious mothers who somehow attain the phone number of their son’s company commander and bug him with their perceived grievances.  (We had a mother who called our company commander to complain that on Fridays when we were given leave for the weekend, we weren’t given breakfast.  While not being fed is in contravention of IDF regulations, no soldier ever made a stink about it.  Until one Friday when we were ordered to approach a table set with food and eat something before boarding the buses out to Be’er Sheva.)

Amos Harel reports for Haaretz today that six (!) “settler families” have lived in an IDF camp in Hebron for over a decade.  Harel notes that it is a “company sized camp” and that while the settlers enter and exit the camp through the same gates as the soldiers, they are nonetheless physically separated from the soldiers in their dwellings by a “fence of corrugated metal.”

While Dror Etkes of Peace Now contends that this situation is indicative of the “growing distortion in the relations between the IDF and settlers,” so long as this arrangement has not been declared illegal, I am happy to see a situation where settlers and soldiers are able to coexist in Hebron in such close quarters.


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