Lonely Man of Cake

February 27, 2007


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Nothing really special to report. A few musings:

  1. The Israeli press has decided to lynch recently declared Minister of Tourism Esterina Tartman. I think that her appointment, considering that she is a freshman MK and number five on her party’s list (i.e., the three MKs between her and Avigdor Lieberman should have precedence for the ministry task), smacks of corruption. The “controversial” opinions voiced by Tartman are rooted in her party platform, and are not her own creation. I think that the Israeli press, and public, are just plain afraid of a “strong” telegenic woman who speaks her mind. Accusations aside, though I think Isaac Herzog was a wonderful Minister of Tourism, Tartman will do a fine job.  I think that I may have changed my mind.  Tartman has apparently lied about her undergraduate credentials as well, after her MA was discovered to be bogus.  I believe that in addition to knowingly deceiving the government and the populace, having declared two degrees would also have given Tartman a nice salary bump; money which Israel’s taxpayers never owed to her.  I just wish that the press would pursue the lies and distortions of every politician with the same vigor they used against Tartman.
  2. Prof. Ariel Toaff has not only pulled his book from publication, pledged to donate the proceeds to the ADL, and recanted his theory, but some MKs are looking for ways to punish Toaff under Israel law (story here).
  3. The university strike was called off, but there has to be something to protest… I was handed a flyer today which encouraged me to boycott the cafes and food establishments on campus because of a recent hike in prices. My understanding of the issue is that prices, at least for coffee, had not been raised in some 10 years, which led to the remarkable espresso for 4 NIS. We caught the tail end of those prices, which were no doubt considered high when instituted in the late 90s. Considering the high rent paid by the vendors, including a purported “internal” Arnona (municipal tax) imposed by the university, the quality of the food/drink, and the required security guards (even inside the campus), I, for one, am willing to shell out a bit more for my eats.

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