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April 27, 2007

Hesder Army News

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UPDATE: Please see reader/cousin Yaacov’s important clarifications in the comments.

A Hesder Yeshiva sandwiches a shortened army service between two two-year periods of study. Until now, hesder students who qualified for combat service served in any of the infantry brigades of the IDF (e.g., Golani, Nahal, Givati, Kfir), with the final placement determined by some sort of rough rotation. Those who elected for a greater challenge were given the opportunity to try out for the Paratroops. And a handful of students (though I never met one in person) completed the so-called Hesder-Sayeret program, which combines extended service in one of the IDF’s elite reconnaissance with yeshiva study.

That’s all about to change. An e-mail was apparently sent out to students with an August 2007 draft date informing them that Golani will no longer be included in the infantry rotation, that they will be unable to serve in the Paratroops, and that the Hesder-Sayeret program has been terminated.

More information to follow.

But here’s an unrelated, and heartwarming, army story brought to you by NRG (Maariv):

Pictured above are 20 year-old twins Shuey and Aharon Osbourne, who serve together in Nahal Haredi (Netzah Yehuda, if you will). It appears that they are from London and decided to serve after beginning their university studies in business management. Kol haKavod, and stay safe!



  1. i would like to make a corection in your statement.
    golani is no longer on the list for infantry rotation because as of the upcoming august 07 giyus, it is no longer golani, rather it is “sayeret” golani and like paratroops, will require a “gibush”.
    since were already discussing the subject of paratroops- do to a simple argument/dispute between “aluf” elazar stern, (head of human resources dept. in the army) and “igud yeshivot hahesder”, (these simple argument/disputes happen all the time, they are always blown way out of proportion, and always end with no change.) stern wishes the paratroops unit to have mixed machlakot as opposed to a single “beynish” machlaka, whereas the “igud” and the hesder yeshivas thmselves only want the single “beynish” machlaka and are threatening to not send any hesder students to the paratroops unless stern agrees to a single “beynish” machlaka. as always in order to blow things way out of proportion, as of last week the yeshivas will not send there students to paratroops or golani (since it is now considered an elite unit just like th paratroops) and stern in return decided that not only does he not feel threatened by this “threat”, he will not allow hesder students into any elite unit, thus sopposedly terminating the so called “hesder-sayeret” program.
    there are still 3 months untill the august 07 giyus during witch the dispute will mot probably be resolved (as it always is) and the hesder students will once again join the various elite units: sayarot, paratroops and golani.

    if the dispute is still not resolved by then, those who wish could always join “machsar- nachal- charedi” (nahal-haredi elite machlaka).

    Comment by Yaacov — April 28, 2007 @ 11:08 pm | Reply

  2. i forgot to mention that the next dispute is already in the making- stern wants to make the active army service for hesder students longer…

    Comment by Yaacov — April 28, 2007 @ 11:14 pm | Reply

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