Lonely Man of Cake

May 3, 2007

Winograd Aftermath II

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Yesterday the government should have come tumbling down.  Amir Peretz was rumored to be mulling a quick resignation.  Tzippy Livni was supposed to confront the Prime Minister and assert that his failure to step down would cost him her resignation.  As I mentioned yesterday, Livni’s resignation would probably topple Kadima, further hastening new elections.

But this is Israel.  You learn very quickly here that having high expectations (or occasionally, any expectations) is often a recipe for disappointment.  Peretz did not step down.  His continued functioning as defense minister continues to endanger Israel’s citizens and the soldiers of the IDF.  Livni presented the expected ultimatum to Olmert.  But Olmert didn’t resign.  Livni was not true to her word, and did not resign.  Kadima decided against mutiny.

The fate of an entire country hangs in the balance, the weaknesses of the IDF are exposed, and the failings of this ineffectual government are itemized in the Winograd Report.  And the government?  Olmert claims that he will preside over instituting the reforms called for in the Report.  Bullshit.  He wants another day being ferried around the country by helicopter, another day watching traffic part ways for his motorcade, another day playing prime minister.

The myth of the Kadima juggernaut was already dispelled when the results came in for this past election, with Kadima garnering far fewer seats than what had been predicted.   It’s time for Olmert’s fairy tale to end.


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