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July 15, 2007

Jerusalem of Gold… and of Stolen Cars

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While foreign governments may recognize only Tel Aviv as the capital city of Israel, Jerusalem, political arguments aside, is the uncontested stolen car capital of Israel.

In 2006, more cars were stolen from Jerusalem (4,539) than from any other city in Israel, according to an article published on Ynet today.  Surprisingly, Tel Aviv came in second place, with 3,891 thefts.  All in all, some 20,000 cars were stolen in Israel last year; an astounding 7% of all cars in the country!

What are people stealing?  The top three contenders:

  • Subaru: 5,208
  • Mitsubishi: 2,449
  • Mazda: 2,379

I’ll spare you the color commentary.  I can rant to you in person, if you so request.


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