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July 5, 2007

New 2 Shekel Coin

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The Bank of Israel is set to issue a preliminary run of a new 2 Shekel coin, which, if successful in answering to various tests and sets of standards, will be mass produced in the coming weeks.

Information about the pending release is scant, and explanations regarding the need for such a coin are nowhere to be found.  There is also something of an uproar regarding the fact that the coin will be produced in Holland, and not in Israel.   What we do know is that the coin will be larger than the 1 Shekel coin and smaller than the 5 Shekel coin.

A sample of reactions (talkbacks) to the news:

  • How about a 99 Agorot coin?
  • Why a “Hellenistic” motif on the coin and not a Jewish one?
  • Will vending machines recognize the new coin?
  • Why does the English on the coin (and all coins and bills) mix languages and say “New Sheqalim” and not “New Sheqels”?

April 26, 2007

Shekel Shocker II

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The Shekel continues to strengthen against the US Dollar (or the Dollar continues to weaken against the Shekel), and was ever so close to 4.00 NIS to the Dollar at around 9:30 AM (JST) when it hit 4.002.

As of this minute (11:51 AM), the Shekel is at 4.005 and seems to be headed for 4.00, or below, for the first time in over six years! You can check the live updates here, and I’ll continue to issue updates throughout the day.

Here is a chart of this morning’s activity:


UPDATE: It seems that the market is not yet ready for a dip below the 4.00 mark, and the Shekel has now “weakened” to 4.025 (as of 5:00 PM).

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